3 reasons you’re not getting the results you deserve!

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Below are 3 simple reasons why you are not progressing to your full potential!

1: You don’t have a goal:

Goals are essential, they are the driver that will motivate you to keep consistent day in day out to continually work towards where you want to get to.

You should have long term and short term goals – for example, if you want to lose 10kg in 6 months write this down, find out how much you need to lose each week and as you continually nail the weekly goal it will add up to your long-term goal.

2: You’re not consistent:

Consistency is the key to results, if you have consistency with everything you do then it is super easy to monitor what’s working and what’s not.

As you all now getting results is not an overnight process which is why adhering to the process long term is always the winner even when you allow for a little bit of leeway.

3: Your weekends are blown out of proportion:

It can be very easy to eat well and get your training sessions in during the week when you are in your normal routine but how are you approaching the weekends?

The weekend shouldn’t change anything, as I have touched on before you can create a calorie deficit throughout the week and then completely blow it out of proportion come the weekend by overindulging, consuming too much alcohol & a lack of activity, alongside this your mood, energy levels and sleep quality will all go to crap also.

This will create the vicious cycle of feeling good and dropping weight/ making progress throughout the week, then the weekend comes and your weight goes back up to where it was and sometimes, even more, your mentally getting stressed out, it then takes you another 4-5 day’s to get back to where you were and then your back to the weekend again.

I’m all for having fun but just like everything we do it needs to be in moderation, I always suggest doing 3-4 hard weeks of nailing your training and nutrition targets and then allowing yourself to get out and have a drink or a nice meal – this way you can make sufficient progress but in a healthy manner.

Power – Positivity – Progress