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5 Effective Holiday Tips!

Below I have outlined 5 effective tips that you can implement to help you stay on top of your health and fitness goals whilst having a relaxed yet controlled holiday.

1: Stay Active

Not everyone will have access to a gym or be able to adhere to their current training program whilst on holidays so as an alternative try and be as active as possible. I personally love incorporating activities that I wouldn’t typically do at home such as hiking, swimming, cycling and kayaking. Being active will allow you to consume a greater quantity of food and thus prevent set backs once you return. Get outside and take advantage of the amazing weather!

2: Keep on top of hydration

Hydration is essential, especially if you are in a hot country so be sure to cut back on all alcohol and fizzy drink consumption throughout the day by incorporating water. A favourite of mine is adding a dash of lemon and lime to make it feel like I am drinking something sweet and refreshing.

3: Prioritize protein intake!

Quite often when you are eating out abroad the portion of protein in each meal can be quite scarce. I always find that the majority of meals can be quite carb dense due to the fact that serving this will be more profitable for the restaurant so make sure your basing your meals off of a good quality source of lean meat or fish.

4: Make wise alcohol decisions!

Try and keep to spirits that have less calories then your traditional beers and ciders, also try and keep you sugar free soft drinks to help reduce overall calorie consumption.

5: Don’t stress out!

Holidays are for relaxing and recharging the batteries so take the time to reflect and get some good quality down time. Do things you enjoy and don’t stress out if you can’t train or if certain foods aren’t available to you.

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