5 Mistakes Women Make in the Gym

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Let’s look at 5 mistakes a lot of women tend to make in the gym today. Most of these mistakes are due to women looking up to the wrong social media icons and reading miss leading information.




I am sure you have heard this one plenty of times, but it doesn’t look like it’s sinking in. You need to evolve beyond using pink rubber coated dumbbells in the gym. In other words, you need to use heavier weights. Your muscles won’t grow and get that “toned” look you have been training for if you are pressing, squatting or curling with weights that weigh around the same as your iPhone. Use weights that allow you to do between 8 and 12 reps with a good heavy load whilst still using good technique. No, this will not make you look big. Unless you’re the one woman in a million that has such high testosterone levels you are not going to suddenly sprout muscle from your ears and everywhere else. Even if you train consistently heavy for years on end you are not going to end up looking like a bodybuilder unless you start eating like one. Muscle does not just grow out of thin air, you’ve got to supply it with protein and carbs. This is why you will see big men in the gym eating endless amounts of meals throughout the day to fuel their muscle.




A lot of female’s nova-days have an obsession to work their abs and the waistline in general. Here is a shocker, everyone has a six pack regardless of you being able to see it or not. In order for your abs to become noticeable you have to whittle away enough body fat to show them off. Just like any other muscle group the abs need to be built up as well through correct training but stop thinking that you need to dedicate half your workout or more to doing 10 thousand sit ups. Base your workouts off basic compound movements as these are going to have a lot of benefit to building up a strong midsection and then finish up with some ab role outs, hanging leg raises or decline leg raises and I guarantee doing this alongside eating good food and being general active you will have a more visible set of abs for the beach.




Have you ever looked on Instagram or Facebook and come across a marathoner or even a long distance jogger with a really good body that you inspire to look like? Probably not. They’re either slightly emaciated, have a body with very few curves, or are plagued with the skinny fat condition.
Without going into all the hormonal or evolutionary permutations, let’s just accept the scientific fact that during a calorie deficit the body would rather sacrifice muscle than fat, and what is excessive endurance exercise but an induced caloric deficit? Regardless, women think that the more aerobic based training they do the better and leaner they will become.

Remember you want to build up the muscle to give it that “toned” shape and excessive aerobic exercise is death to muscle. There are millions of extremely beneficial alternatives to burn fat such as METCONS and HIIT training which we will go into deep detail in another article very soon.




We have already discussed using heavier weights, but we didn’t discuss intensity. Intensity meaning how much work ethic you are putting into your training. When you are lifting a heavy load you shouldn’t be able to maintain a pretty smiley face. Building muscle requires some discomfort, it requires getting out of your comfort zone and it also requires a little bit of pain. You may be able to keep a pretty face for your first few reps but if you’re really pushing yourself out of your comfort zone It is going to be completely natural to make some strange faces and grunting as you are struggling to finish your last few reps. Forget how it looks or what anyone thinks.




This would be more common in males but there are also females that do it as well. You should never go into the gym and hop from one machine onto the next then go upstairs onto the treadmill and then back down to do some more weights. There is no purpose to this. Make sure you set some goals starting off and work towards them each session. Get yourself on a set programme tailored towards your goals so your training has purpose and you are not just going in and breezing through it. As you get more experienced in the gym so does your body and therefore the training you are doing has to have constant progression to it in order for you to keep making progress getting you closer towards your goals each week.