5 Things EVERY Weightlifter Should Know

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No matter what age or gender you are, you should always strive to achieve something in the gym.

It makes things interesting and competitive and makes you feel extremely satisfied once you have conquered it and are then on to the next goal.
Let’s look at 5 impressive things that should be going on your list of goals to achieve over the coming months


Everyone should strive to dead-lift twice his or her body-weight. For some people this may be no problem at all and for others it could take them years to achieve. Poor technique and multiple weaknesses can hinder this greatly such as poor grip strength, set up and also injuries can all be factors as to why you are not pulling some big weight.

This may sound extremely strange; most people don’t need to dead-lift to improve their dead-lift. Movements such as pull-ups, high rep squats, farmer carry’s, kettle bell swings and prowler sprints will all carry over to you having a bigger pull. I have yet to see an Olympic lifter that couldn’t pull a big dead-lift without training this movement and that is purely due to the volume of squatting, which will correlate over to a bigger pull. Getting strong in the fundamentals get you strong in the dead-lift.



Mastering bodyweight on the barbell is the transition between beginners and intermediate, I’m amazed when people who’ve been training a while still can’t bench bodyweight. The bodyweight bench press is something you should be able to do and if not it should be on your list of goals to achieve in the coming months. For many, it’s a technique issue.


The Technical Problem:

Some people will bench with a grip that would be perfect for a 15-year-old boy – too narrow. Your elbow should be directly under your wrist while benching. It might take a workout or two to adapt, so have someone check your elbow positioning and wrists to make sure you are setting up correctly. They should be basically vertical. This little tip always help people bench more in the long run.



Military pressing (OHP) will be a great assistance exercise to bringing up your bench and pressing power, but adding in incline presses, decline presses, fly’s and all the extra chest work is often the issue holding you back from increasing your bench press. Too much is too much, and until you bench at least your bodyweight you don’t need all of this extra volume in our training.




Hang from a bar for 30 seconds. Aside from grip strength being the weakest factor here, the hanging test might also highlight some shoulder and spinal issues and is a great thing to add into a warm up for overall shoulder health.

Once you have mastered the 30 second hold, which for most people is quite a challenge starting off, increase the time and keep progressing with this.




How many pillows do you need? If the answer is more than one, you need to increase the amount of mobility and flexibility work you are doing, and maybe even take a visit to the physical therapist. Having you prop your head so far forward is a sign you could be dealing with some kyphosis, which is excessive curvature of the spine causing a hunching of the back.




Farmer walking your body-weight for a few steps shows that you have a great level of overall strength in a “functional” manner, have decent conditioning and you are not too out of shape. It’s also an extremely beneficial movement for carrying over to overall leg and back strength and will build you a serious set of traps.