5 Tips For Your First Post Lockdown Gym Session!

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5 Tips For Your First Post Lockdown Gym Session!

As the gyms are now opening back up in Dublin this Tuesday after 6 weeks of lockdown there are a few key areas that you need to be mindful of.

1: Increased Risk Of Injury

As some of you may have been working from home the additional sitting down at a desk all day is something to take into consideration. Spending some time at home or pre-workout stretching out your hips, lower back & chest and shoulders will be a great way to get your body feeling fresh and ready to lift without increasing your risk of injury.

2: Limited Time Slots In The Gym

If your gym has a booking system where you only have a certain amount of time to train then be as efficient within this time frame as you can. Put the phone down in-between sets, take a little shorter rest time and you could even group some of your exercises together to get the most bang for your buck with the time you have available.

3: Reduced Strength Levels

If you haven’t been training at all for the last few weeks then your strength may have decreased a little bit. This is perfectly ok and natural. After a week or two of training, you will be right back where you were and beyond. Start slow and build from where you are currently.

4: Increased DOMS

Doms are what’s known as delayed onset muscle soreness so essentially when you can’t sit down after squatting. We tend to get sore if our recovery is poor, if we have done a lot of volume or new exercises in the gym. Something to be mindful of if you haven’t done much exercise is the amount of workload you’re going to do once you’re back training. It is easy to go into the gym, try and lift super heavy, do exercise after exercise but is that going to be productive if you are smoked for a week after 1 session? Start off with 4-6 exercises for 3 sets each. Alongside the make sure you’re staying hydrated, your nutrition is on point and you’re getting quality sleep and you will reap the benefits in the run-up to Christmas.

5: Be Hygienic

Obviously, with everything still going on in the world, it is important to be hygienic, especially within a gym where you will be sweating and using equipment that is shared with plenty of other people. Bring along a towel, use a hand sanitizer, and be sure to wipe down the equipment before and after use.

Let’s all get back doing what we love 🙂

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