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My name is Ben Kennedy and I am the owner and head coach of Precision Performance. I have been working in the health and fitness industry now for over 3 years and in this time I have worked with a wide variety of different people helping them achieve life-changing results and improving their quality of life.

Here at Precision Performance, our sole purpose is to provide you with the highest level of coaching and support both inside and outside of the gym in order to transform your physique and get you the results you deserve.

I have spent the last 3 years consistently studying and researching all topics of health and fitness in order to provide all of our clients with the best information and methods to improve their health and body composition.

At Precision Performance we don’t believe in quick fixes, we are big on education and teaching our clients the ins and outs of what it takes to get in great shape so they can take their physique to the next level in a healthy yet sustainable manner.

I am one of the country’s highest qualified personal trainers, so if you are looking for someone who understands the fundamentals of fat loss and hypertrophy you are in the right place!

“Precision Performance’s ethos is Power, Positivity and Progress.”

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  • Eugene Tea – Ganbaru Muscle Mechanics Course – 2018
  • Muscle Nerds Program Design Course – 2018
  • Muscle Nerds Level 1 & 2 - 2017
  • John Berardi – Precision Nutrition Certificate In The Essentials Of Sports Nutrition & Exercise Nutrition – 2017
  • Mark Coles M10 – Physique Camp & Physique Camp Theory - 2017
  • Integra – Foundations Of Exercise Mechanics – 2016
  • ISI Fat Loss Workshop – 2016
  • KG Elite – Strength & Conditioning Level 1 & Level 2 - 2015/2016
  • Elite Fitness & Performance Academy – Certificate In Personal Training REPs (EQF) Level 4 – 2015
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