What is the best fat loss diet?

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What is the best fat loss diet you should follow?

This is a question we are asked very frequently at Precision Performance. Like the majority of questions health and fitness related, the answer is not straight forward and definitely not black and white.

There are many different diets out there. Examples of some of these include; high carbs, low fat with moderate protein, low carbs, high fat with moderate protein (ketogenic diet), intermittent fasting, paleo diet and many more.

So surely one of these methods works best? Not necessarily. All of these different methods have their place and can all lead to great results when implemented efficiently. Once your calories are set sufficiently in accordance with your goals (being in a caloric deficit when the goal is fat loss), your ability to adhere to your diet over a prolonged period will ultimately determine whether your fat loss efforts are successful or not. You can have on paper what may seem like the perfect diet plan, however, if you are unable to adhere to it, the plan is fairly useless.

Different nutrition methods will suit different people. Just because Jimmy follows intermittent fasting and claims it is the best way to lose fat does not mean intermittent fasting will be sustainable and enjoyable for Johnny. It is for this reason that it is important to find a method which YOU are able to adhere to for prolonged periods. It is our recommendation that you try out a few methods and stick to the method you find most enjoyable and can adhere to best.

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