Does Your Weight Fluctuate?

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Does your weight fluctuate?

I’m sure you have woke up one morning and been a KG or two heavier and started freaking out, but in reality do you think it’s possible to gain 2kg of fat overnight?

Fluctuations in body weight are super common, this can be down to the following:

1: What time of the day you have weighed yourself
2: Have you eaten or drank prior to weighing yourself
3: Have you gone to the toilet prior
4: Are you under high amounts of stress
5: Is is the time of the month

The above are very common factors that will cause your weight to fluctuate, for instance if you are weighing yourself at different time of the day all the time then your weight will more than likely be fluctuating. This can be down to you consuming different levels of food or water, maybe you went to the toilet prior one day and not the next, you could have trained one day and so on.

So many variables can be linked to fluctuations in weight so in order for you to get the most accurate weight in each day simply:

1: Weigh yourself at the same time each day
2: Weigh yourself prior to having food or water
3: Go to the toilet prior
4: Wear the same clothing

If you goal is fat-loss then gather up 7 days worth of weigh ins, add them up, from there divide it by 7 and this will give you your weekly average. Focus on how well your weekly average is progressing instead of the daily weights.

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