Excuses, What’s yours?

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Your circumstances aren’t any different!!!

Nobody has it easier than you. The guy or girl that you see in great shape is like that because they make time to get to the gym on a weekly basis and think before they eat. There is no secret formula or magic pill that allows them to adhere to a healthy lifestyle, just hard work and determination.

Yes, I am sure you work a hectic job, but that is no excuses for you to be eating junk food and feeling sorry for yourself. There are tonnes of people out there who live just as busy a life as yourself that still manage to make it to the gym and work on improving their quality of life, these choices all boil down to how badly you want to make a change?

We all face challenges and situations that are out of our control that may lead us to miss a workout or 2. Unless you are suffering with a long term illness or have a severe reason as to why you cannot work towards your goal, then plain and simple you are being lazy.

The hardest part about getting started is the first initial step, once you make the effort to do this everything else will seem like a walk in the park. Research has shown that it takes roughly 21 days for a new habit to form, so once you get over the first few weeks of training and trying to improve your nutrition it will become second nature.

If you are simply putting off going to the gym because you lack knowledge in this area and are worried you are going to be judged then hire a coach, or get a friend that has experience to bring you along for a session. Everyone is in the gym for the same reason, they want to gain confidence, lose weight/build muscle and generally live a healthier lifestyle so don’t be worried that you are going to be judged as the majority of people there will be happy to help.

Don’t hate on other people’s success, there will always be someone out there who is smarter, better looking, in better shape or wealthier then yourself, use this as motivation to be the best version of yourself. If you strive to be 1% better every day, then you are truly going to live a great life and get everything that you deserve.