Increase Vegetable Intake


When starting a diet with your primary goal being to lose body fat, satiety is often over looked. In my opinion this is a key part to dietary adherence.

Choosing foods that leave you fuller for longer is crucial for killing hunger and cravings. No matter how disciplined you are at some point in a diet you will still experience cravings. To minimise this, it is ideal to bulk out all of your meals with high fibre foods that will help leave you full and satisfied for longer.

Decreasing your caloric intake whilst increasing your food volume by adding in lots more nutrient dense foods such as vegetables will leave you feeling like you’re eating a lot more food than you may have been previously.

The high fibre content of these foods will also add bulk and viscosity to your meals leaving you feeling fuller earlier and for longer. So when you are trying to lose body fat add multiple different types of leafy greens and veg to your meals to fill up your plate and add variety and taste into your diet to make it sustainable for longer.