Lockdown Home Workout Inspiration

I am so glad to hear that the gyms are going to be back open next week in Ireland.
Today I am back with some more inspiration for your last few home workouts before you all can get back smashing it in the gym.
Today’s workout consists of 5 exercises and you can do the whole workout with one/two DB or KB.
A1: Single Leg Glute Bridge
A2: Press-ups
B1: Reverse Lunges
B2: Bent Over Row
B3: Planks
You can simply run through the A series for 3-4 rounds of 8-12 Reps each and then move onto the B series implementing the same principle. As an alternative, you could set a 20 minutes timer and run through as many rounds of the A series before doing the same with the B series afterward.
This is a quick and effective full-body session that you can do from your living room, run through once the gyms re-open, or perform now if your training within a gym and lost for inspiration.
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