Online Coaching


Online coaching has the same benefits as private coaching but on an online basis, communicating through Skype calls, email, phone calls and text. It is perfect for someone who lives far away and is unable to make it to the gym to work on a one on one basis. The Programme is great for all levels of fitness, including beginner and advanced people who want to work off of a set programme tailored towards their goals.

Everything will be fully customised to you and you alone, it is my passion to give you the most advanced training and nutrition programming and guidance in order for you to reach your goals in the most effective and quickest manor.


What’s Included

  • Around the clock email and text support
  • Weekly Skype call
  • Fully customised training & nutrition programme
  • Essential nutrition & supplement guidelines
  • Access to Facebook group
  • Check-ins through email every 2 weeks

“At Precision Performance we don’t believe in quick fixes.”

– Ben Kennedy

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If you are someone who is serious about training and wants to achieve actual results, then this is the package for you. Whether you are completely new to the gym or have been training for a few years you will not receive a higher level or guidance and knowledge elsewhere.

This package is suited for any Male or Female of any age that is willing to work hard alongside one of the most distinguished coaches.

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