Social Eating Guidelines

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Very often every day life & stressors can get in the way and can put us in a position where we are unprepared or even have to make sacrifices in regards to our nutritional intake. This is completely understandable, however this should not be a getaway free pass to consume any and everything insight.

Below you’ll find guidelines for some of the most common situations you might find yourself in that may require you to make choices outside of your normal routine.

Eating Out – Work Lunches & Dinners

When you have control over your food (ordering off of a menu), order something that’s consistent with your current meal plan.

Follow these general guidelines when you order:

1: Ask for no butter, sauce or oil on your protein or vegetables.

2: Ask for salad dressing to be served on the side.

3: If appropriate for your meal plan, ask to substitute an additional side of vegetables or a side salad in place of starches such as potatoes or fries.

4: If your meal plan recommends carbs for the meal you’re replacing, eat all of your protein and vegetables first, then eat your carbs so you are in a position where you are less likely to overeat.

For group work functions, I want you to choose either an appetizer or drink or dessert. For more normal scenarios such as a work lunch’s, bypass all three of them and stick with a main course.

Social Gatherings

When at a social gathering structure your meals as follows:

1: Eat something rich in protein and fibre before you leave for the social gathering to help limit overeating

2: Limit yourself to a single plate of food, and use equal parts protein, veggies and carbs

3: If there are no veggie options available, replace it with fruit (if available)

4: Use dips, salad dressing and sauces sparingly – get them on the side if you can

For alcohol:

1: Limit to 1-2 drinks max.

2: Use spirits mixed with low-calorie drinks – gin & slimline tonic, vodka & diet soda, etc.

3: Drink water or diet soda in between each drink to slow down your intake.

Take Away Message:

Nutrition plays such a huge role in terms of fat loss and with work, family, social events and day to day life it can be very easy to fall off track, not have food prepared or be in a situation where you have to entertain people which can lead you to go off plan.

By implementing some of these simple tips above you will be in a position where you can enjoy certain events that arise whilst still keeping your goals at the forefront of your efforts.

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