Who Am I & How I Got Into The Industry!

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Who am I & how I got into the industry!

 As I am trying to be a lot more active on Instagram I’m sure a lot of you guys are thinking, who exactly am I? what is my background, what got me into the fitness industry & who do I work with.

I’m a 21-year-old from Dublin, Ireland. I initially left school when I was only 15 years old and headed off to France for the summer to pursue a dream of becoming a professional downhill mountain bike racer. After winning some pretty impressive race series I had a lot of amazing sponsorship behind me, to push me forward but it quickly came to an end after breaking myself up pretty bad one year with plenty of crashes leading to many broken bones lol.

I was initially exposed to the weight room through training for bike racing and it was soon clear that my focus was shifting from biking to hitting PB’s within the gym. As I had left school and had no interest in going back I needed a plan, with my new-found love of weight training I decided to do a personal training course. I soon realized that there is a big difference between training myself and training others, it was clear that you don’t just start up an Instagram account and have a fully booked out diary of clients and thousands of followers.

With my previous competitive background, I needed something to challenge myself and that’s when I decided to get into powerlifting, from there I competed in two competitions & managed to take the win in both of them. Over the last 2 years my focus has shifted more towards learning & expanding my knowledge, as it’s safe to say that doing a 6-week personal training course does not provide you with enough information to have someone’s health in your hands.

Moving forward my plan is to continue developing as a coach, work on some current challenges I am having (Injuries), Continue learning, helping others & hopefully be in the position to give back to the industry to younger coaches in the long run 🙂

Power – Positivity – Progress