Why Your Not Getting The Results You Deserve!

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Why Your Not Getting The Results You Deserve!

Do you every wonder why your weight is dropping throughout the week but then it piles back on at the weekend? It can be easy to stay within your routine Monday-Friday of eating on plan and training, but what happens when the weekend comes around?

When it comes to fat-loss your overall weekly calories matter, we need to look at things on a bigger scale instead of on a daily basis. What you are doing weekly, monthly, yearly will determine how well you progress.

For example, in the graph above we have 4 training sessions (2500Kcal days) and 3 rest days (2000Kcal days) per week which adds up to 16,000Kcals weekly.

But what usually happens at the weekend? You go out for a few beers with your mates on a Friday & Saturday night and finish the night off with a take away. All of which will blow your calories through the roof.

Above I have laid out a simple example of being adherent Monday-Friday and then having a 3750Kcal day on Saturday and 4250Kcal day on Sunday which can be easily done by adding in a few beers or having a pizza. So instead of finishing the week off at your weekly goal of 16,000Kcals you have added nearly an Additional 4,000Kcal.

Start thinking long term!

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